Fail Better

This blog is written by someone who has been a Marxist since being a teenager over thirty five years ago.  At that time, due to immaturity and the nature of the times, hope and confidence in a socialist future were much stronger than today.  Even for those of us who never believed the bureaucratic dictatorships of the Soviet Union or Eastern Europe were socialism their existence was seen to prefigure in grossly distorted form the future end of capitalism and assurance of a new society.  The triumph of capitalism over these dictatorships and the significant weakening of the working class movement have gravely undermined these early expectations.

The response of this blogger is to look again at what he has understood to be the Marxist understanding of society and especially about how the transition from capitalism to socialism might occur.  Particularly important is a re-evaluation of what constitutes an adequate Marxist programme that socialists should argue for within the working class.  After such a long time it is difficult to slough off assumptions that are mistaken while being aware that this does not mean that everything must be prematurely thrown overboard.

It is the ambition of this blog that in its writing and reading it will stimulate both the writer and reader and encourage in whatever small way the development of Marxism in Ireland. I hope it is educative, open and accessible and encourages the productive criticism that is necessary to achieve its aims.

I could do worse than follow some famous words:  Ever tried.  Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

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